Storage: Store your woven hat in a hat box or place where it will not be crushed, and stuff with tissue paper.
Care: A lint roller can be used for surface lint, and spot cleaning can be used on soiled fabric. We do not recommend dry cleaning on our woven hats, as it can distort the interlinings and brims.

Storage: Store your hat in a hat box and stuff the crown with tissue paper so that the brim is supported, so that the weight of the hat does not distort the brim over time. Hats can also be hung on a hook or hat rack but turn them periodically to avoid the buildup of dust.
Care: Avoid pinching the crown at the front to maintain the shape, try to take the hat on and off the brim. Felt and blocked straw hats can be cleaned with a soft brush or lint roller. Felt and straw hats should generally not be cleaned by anyone but a hat maker.

Storage: Store your hand knit hat as you would a sweater, do not hang.
Care: A lint roller can be used for surface lint. Many of our hand knit hats are hand-washable, please refer to care tag for reference and dry flat.

Storage: Fur should be professionally stored, otherwise it is best to store wrapped in tissue in a hat box. Do not wrap fur in plastic as the fumes can discolor it.
Care: Professional fur clean only.