Dior jacket, bra and skirt; Vicki Turbeville necklace and cuffs; Al...

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Is Taking The Reigns of The Wellness World And The Hamptons

By Phebe Wahl, October 4, 2023

Through her wildly popular and empowering platform that professes mindful movement, wellness icon Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is steering our approach toward a better world. 

“TODAY’S WORLD IS SO FAST-PACED. Our lives are hectic, and the constant demands and stressors have led to a rise in burnout and mental health issues,” says local luminary Melissa Wood-Tepperberg. The certified health and wellness coach, meditator, and yoga and Pilates teacher has built a cult following around her platform MWH (melissawoodhealth.com), which focuses on mindful movement and meditation. “I believe in low-impact, mindful movement because it not only improves physical health but also builds emotional and mental resilience by emphasizing self-care and self-compassion. In a time when many of us feel overwhelmed, this gentle approach to fitness that we embrace at MWH helps to reconnect us with our bodies, reduce stress and find balance,” she explains. With MWH, Wood-Tepperberg offers mindful movements and practices laced with self-compassion and care as a counterbalance to the fast-paced lives precipitating mental health crises, guiding us toward overall well-being.

Dior jacket, bra and skirt; Vicki Turbeville necklace and cuffs; Alice Pierre earrings; Kate Cate boots; Eugenia Kim hat.

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