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These 18 Beach Hats on Amazon Will Definitely Become Your Favorite Summer Accessories

By Hanna Flanagan, May 31, 2022, Cosmopolitan

What’s the hottest accessory for summer 2022, you ask? Sun protection! Seriously, y'all, basking by the pool for hours on end with your pretty little face exposed to harmful UV rays is just not cool anymore. Along with wearing plenty of SPF (if you need to stock up, here are the best spray sunscreens on the market), try adding a sun hat for even more protection.

Below, you'll find the 18 best beach hats on Amazon. From straw fedoras, wide-brim hats, and oversized floppy ones to bucket hats, ball caps, and cowboy hats, the accessories on this list are stylish outfit-makers that'll prevent your face from getting burnt. So go ahead and add one (or two or three or four, since they're all conveniently shoppable on Amazon!) to your cart ahead of your next beach day. Your skin will thank you. 


This straw visor

Eugenia Kim Hannah Visor

The extra-wide brim and textured material make this visor a standout, am I right?

A hat with fringe trim

Genie by Eugenia Kim Willa

The frayed edges add a lil something extra—and we're living for it.

This leopard-print one
Genie by Eugenia Kim Carson

If frayed edges don't really do it for you, how about this white hat that also has a leopard-print tie?



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