The ultimate guide to 2023 headwear.

25 Trendy Hats for Extra Summer Shade

By Gabby Keiderling, May 9, 2023, Harper's Bazaar

There’s a trendy hat for every moment: sun hats for summer, fedoras for fall, and beanies for winter. Some styles, like my best baseball caps, work all year round. Others, like bucket hats, are surging in popularity after a hiatus from the fashion scene.

"Fashion is forever changing, and certain decades and periods of fashion tend to always come back," celebrity stylist Zadrian Smith says. In the last two years, the style expert explains, bucket hats have been a "dominant force." "Every top designer has their own version of the bucket hat." Case in point: Bottega Veneta, Prada, Iro, and Ganni are just a sample of the labels backing the retro style.

Whether you’re investing in the bucket hat revival or you prefer a more timeless style, the rest of your outfit is the best guide for choosing a specific hat. "If you decide to wear an athleisure look, a baseball cap could be a great hat to wear, but also a fedora with sweats makes it cool and trendy,” Smith says. “Furthermore, matching your hat with your look to tie in a monochromatic feel brings out a fun, chic, and classic sense of style."

Ahead, shop the 25 best trendy hats to wear in every season.

Eugenia Kim Marina Chain-Embellished Leather Cap

Inspired by the baker boy styles of the 1920s, Eugenia Kim's modern version combines leather and a gold-tone chain to reinvent the silhouette.

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