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Business as Unusual

by Grazia staff, October 2023

Photographer: Jimmy Fontaine, Photo Assistants: Greg Aune and Mike Derosa

Stylist and Creative Direction: Karen Levitt at Art Department LA, Stylist Assistants: Chardonnay Taylor, Ryan Jacobs, Sheneque Clarke

Make Up: Theo Kogan at Art Department using Dior Beauty, Make Up Assistant: Tarina Meaders

Hair: Jenni Iva Wimmerstedt at Paradis NYC using Bumble and Bumble, Hair Assistant: Vanessa Verea; Nails: Frances Liang using Jinsoon Absolute Black

Set Design: Bette Adams for MHS Artists, Set Design Assistants: Emmet Padget and Bell

Production: AGPNYC, Production Coordinator: Sasha Ernst

Casting: Katya Chernetsova, Models: Shelby at Unite Unite, Ayelen Song at Remade Management, Geo at One Management Studio: Hook Studio

Special Thanks to the Wythe Hotel

Grazia magazine photo

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