She ditched the disco cowboy hat for a silver chapeau.


By Andrea Bossiaug, August 4, 2023 

Photo by Parkwood Entertainment

If you're like me, your timeline has been full of videos of Queen Bey on the "Renaissance Tour" stage dancing in custom looks from the hottest designers with Blue Ivy performing alongside (while her mom looks in awe). In Boston, she wore a dramatic, silvery custom look made by Dundas and styled by KJ Moody. The mini gown, metallic trench and moon-like boots are a bit of a reach for my day-to-day wardrobe. But her sailor hat has been on my mind ever since.

There's a long history of stylish stars wearing sailor hats, as well as their close cousin, the newsboy cap: Janet Jackson's braided look in "Poetic Justice" and Joe Jonas during the peak of Disney's "Camp Rock" era come readily to mind. So leave it to Beyoncé to refresh the trend for modern times.

To translate Bey's stage look for real-life wear, I'd pair a structured sailor cap from Dior or Eugenia Kim's bright-red hat with a tailored blazer. An oversized newsboy cap from Yohji Yamamoto or Free People would go well with high-waisted shorts and a T-shirt or a relaxed dress. I could even see wearing a neutral newsboy style with sneakers, a distressed top and baggy shorts.

See more Beyoncé-inspired accessories below.

Eugenia Kim Sabrina Glittery Wool Newsboy Cap, $295

glitter cap
Eugenia Kim Sabrina Newsboy Hat with Veil Overlay, $295
red cap

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