Summer's almost here and the beach beckons.


By David Smiedt, November 8, 2023

ling one over the shoulder and make that beach day last even longer as you'll have all your gear to hand.

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Towels, books, sunscreen, atm cards, water bottles. All of these are mandatory for a day at the beach. As is a decent sized beach bag that will carry it all.

In terms of practicality, space is important - especially if you have kids (and all their paraphernalia) in tow. The right beach bag should be able to cover the needs of several humans so you’re not all schlepping your own.

Then there’s the style aspect and as you’ll soon discover, there’s plenty of that to go around too.

Best designer beach bag
Eugenia Kim Carlotta Satin-Trimmed Straw Tote

I mean just look at the oversized satin bow detail which also turns into handles. Effortlessly chic and playful, the shape not only sits in the sand but expands upwards and outwards to provide enough space for everything you’d need for a day at the beach.

Beach Bag

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