Eugenia Kim FW18 Runway Looks

Eugenia Kim FW18 Runway Looks

Photographs courtesy of BFA

Luxury, sensuality and drama are the three main themes that inform Eugenia Kim Fall/Winter 18. A collection that is not tied to any one era, but several, connected by the idea of glamour and excess. It is, at the same time, about a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously; a nonchalance that is expressed through a sense of humor as it pertains to fashion and style.

Angular fedora and porkpie felt styles and blocked marine and equestrian caps are complimented with trims in rich velvet as well as crystal and pearl details in a color palette of black, gray, pink and red. Berets, marine and engineer caps are a focus in textured fabrics and supple leathers with pearl and oversize zipper and chain details. In the knit collection, color is key. Fur mohawks and piercings, wild pompoms and bright and unexpected color combinations are at the core of the cold weather styles.

The collection also celebrates the brand’s iconic status in headwear as it enters its 20th year and celebrates its history while looking toward its future.

Paris and Holden
Paris round crown hat and Holden shopper

Blair equestrian cap

Atlas and Fanny
Atlas geometric brim hat and Fanny fanny pack

Katinka and Nikita
Katinka haircut hat and Nikita scarf

Dita, Mackenzie and Holden
Dita fedora, Mackenzie scarf and Holden shopper

Milla and Ladybird
Milla haircut hat and Ladybird shoulder-piece

Matilda fedora

Handsley turban

Harlowe fedora

Marina marine cap

Femi boater

Cher and Holden
Cher beret and Holden shopper

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